Health Center Harmony

Established in 2006, our non-profit organization, Harmony Health Center, serves as a hub for transpersonal psychology, hypnotherapy, healing, artistic expression, health, and environmental conservation, including the protection of red squirrels.

Our integrated approach aims to enhance the overall quality of life for our users and clients. Through educational programs, we empower individuals to consciously create their well-being and foster a sense of responsibility for their lives. We emphasize the importance of living in harmony with nature and preserving its resources and inhabitants, particularly the red squirrels.

Dedicated to the protection of over 50 red squirrels in Poreč's Galijot and Bellevue areas, we prioritize their safety, comfort, and advocate for the proper treatment of small animals. Our commitment extends to raising public awareness about respecting the natural environment of squirrels and promoting compassion towards wild animals. We actively ensure their well-being through the provision of food, water, and timely veterinary care.

Health Center Harmony strives to maintain a balance between humanity and nature. We aim to inspire others to join our mission of caring for and protecting squirrels, fostering a future where generations can enjoy their presence throughout the city.

Health Center Harmony

Ivana Matetića Ronjgova 6

52440 Poreč

VAT: 73413682747

IBAN: HR6823400091110237143


Prof. Ljubomir Tomljenović Yoga teacher and Atlas therapist

About us

Nataša Jakšić, B.Sc. philosopher Astrological consultant

Čila Kiralj MD Health advisor

Vaidya dr. Adwait Tripathi Ayurvedic doctor

Ivana Isabella Grdić Dance artist and singer

Draženko Požarić Head of the squirrel section

Why Divine Harmony (nebeska harmonija)?

The term 'harmony,' rooted in Greek origins, signifies agreement and denotes the art of combining and balancing opposites or differences. In ancient Greece, it primarily conveyed the concept of the entire cosmos being in harmony, often referred to as heavenly harmony. The Greeks perceived this cosmic balance through music, interpreting it as the relationship between consonant tones.

Living in harmony entails maintaining equilibrium and balance in various dimensions:

Homeostasis: Achieving balance within cells, restoring disrupted harmony through feedback mechanisms and the automatic regulation of imbalances in somatic and psychological processes by the vegetative nervous system.

Balance of Mind and Body: Establishing harmony between one's inner being and the physical body.

Balance of Heart and Mind: Cultivating harmony between emotions and thoughts.

Individual and Environment: Striving for harmony between oneself and the people in one's surroundings, fostering social harmony.

Man and Nature: Embracing ecological awareness and harmony.

Man and the Universe: Seeking harmony between the individual and the cosmic order.

The concept of 'Divine Harmony' signifies aligning oneself with one's being, internal and external energies, the laws of Nature, and the entire Cosmos. The energy of these cosmic laws resides within us, manifested through our thoughts, feelings, attitudes, beliefs, and experiences, flowing in accordance with the rhythms of the cosmos.