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Healing Harmony: Nature's Medicine

Events - performance in Šibenik with Luka Nižetić

Lino Červar and Igor Vori on Atlas therapy

Cooperation with EDVU and Prof. Ljiljana Gehrecke, Ph.D

Work with young people

Since 2006, we've been devoted to enriching the lives of our members and clients. Our center, specializing in transpersonal psychology, hypnotherapy, healing, artistic expression, health, environmental conservation, and red squirrel protection, seamlessly integrates these facets into a unique whole.

All our activities and services revolve around the integration of body, mind, and spirit, rooted in our profound belief in leading a conscious and responsible life in harmony with nature. Our programs are crafted to enlighten you about the significance of consciously creating your own health, happiness, and quality of life, empowering you to actively shape your journey.

Join our inspiring community dedicated to enhancing life quality and raising awareness about the vital importance of preserving nature and its resources. We eagerly anticipate supporting you on your path to a better, healthier, and happier life.

Welcome to Health Center Harmony, where healing and creativity intertwine!

Ayurveda - the Art of Preventive Healthcare

Workshops and Lectures

Lecture on Ayurveda in Poreč by Dr.Adwait Tripathi, Conny and Nataša

Lecture on health protection in Poreč Conny & Dr. Adwait

Poreč, Opatija, Zagreb 2013-2023

Guardian of Well-Being: Exercise and Dance for Health Protection

Yoga, vježbe disanje i rekaksacije

Plesne radionice

"Healthy and Happy Woman" workshops

Healing Movement: Artistic Dance for Women

Dance group "Rhythm Divine"

Healing Rhythms: Artistic Dance for Girls

Environmental Protection

Discovering the Eco-Friendly Path: The Why and How of Vegan Living

Sustainable Living: Preserving the Environment with Natural Detergents and Cosmetics

The Vegan lifestyle plays a key role in environmental preservation. Opting for a vegan diet mitigates the environmental impact by sidestepping mass animal farming, a resource-intensive practice. This choice reduces the demand for vast areas of cultivation, lessening the strain on water and food resources. Moreover, embracing a vegan lifestyle aids in curbing greenhouse gas emissions, safeguarding ecosystem diversity, as plant-based food production often requires less land.

In tandem, the use of natural cleaning agents and cosmetics emerges as a crucial step in environmental conservation. These products, typically biodegradable and free from harmful chemicals, prevent water and soil pollution. By selecting these eco-friendly alternatives, we not only champion environmental health but also prioritize our own well-being. Together, we contribute to preserving nature for future generations, fostering a more sustainable world.

Transpersonal Psychology

Soothing ambiance for rejuvenating therapies

Group workshops

Transpersonal therapy explores the spiritual and transcendent dimensions of human experience, serving as a complementary approach to traditional psychology, including psychoanalysis, behaviorism, and humanistic psychology. It encompasses diverse methods such as art therapy, music therapy, dance/movement therapy, breathing exercises, meditation, hypnotherapy, and healing practices. The term 'transpersonal therapy' is employed to convey its holistic nature, distinguishing it from conventional psychotherapy.

An Array of Events

Leacture by Kiro Gligorov in EDVU

Osijek association fair with the mayor and Jozo Ciganović

Europe Day: Visit by Vukovar-Srijem County Prefect

Medical congress lecture for doctors, Zagreb 2013

Kathak dance workshop in Zagreb

Dance workshop for women in Zagreb

Performance on the Red Carpet in Šibenik

Performance at the Miss Beauty and Sports of Croatia pageant in Vodice

Performance with Luka Nižetić and Antonija Blaće in Šibenik

Performance at the Miss Models of Croatia Contest in Vinkovci

Performance with Luka Nižetić at Vegeta Promotion in Split

Performance at Cibalitan Evenings in Vinkovci

Performances in Split

Performances in Šibenik at Solaris

Fairy workshops for children in Zadar

Fairy workshops for children in Split

Mermaid evenings at Solaris

Mermaid evenings in Šibenik