Transpersonal Hypnotherapy


Transpersonal Hypnotherapy is a synthesis of transpersonal psychology, clinical and Ericksonian hypnosis, medical hypnotherapy, NLP, past life regression, spiritual principles, shamanism and intuition.

Carl Jung developed his theory of complexes by noting the delay time in reaction to word associations. The delays were dependent upon the emotional charge of the word.
He described complexes as “psychic fragments which have split off due to traumatic influences or certain incompatibility tendencies.”

In transpersonal hypnotherapy we work with Jungian Psychology; we have divided our work in several branches:

  1. 1. Journey Work & Contacting Inner Guidance – include:
    1. a) Transpersonal Journey Work – we work towards the development of a whole life skill (integrating practices into everyday life) whereby the individual awakens from a limited personal identity to expanded universal knowledge of Self.
    2. b) Inner Family Work – is a process of healing emotional wounds and nurturing the inner child. In this process we can use reparenting and redecision approach.
    3. c) Two Way Communication on the causal plane – it is a healing process where we are able to communicate on the casual plane, even beyond this life.
  2. Retrieval Work – it is a process of healing where we are retrieving our lost soul fragments and re-integrating them in our Being. It is also about recovering and healing from old pains and re-integration of lost soul fragments to our essential aspects of our higher Self.
  3. The Circle Integration Process –– it is a process of integration of all our parts, all our “personalities” and metabolism of all our personality stuff. It is also about starting to be aware of our “shadows” and accept our “negative sites”. It is a process of purifying and moving forward, releasing out our frozen emotions in body and starting to reflect personal essence.
  4. Abreaction & Work with 4 Primary Emotions – Reich asserted that we block expression with muscle tension which results in holding patterns of retained traumas. These traumas contained suppressed emotions and physical pains. As a person releases the trauma, the body lets go of its holding patterns, body armoring and suppressed emotions. Four primary emotions, with which we work, are: fear, shame/guilt, anger and hurt.
  5. Transpersonal Processes – it is synthesis of many therapies, breath work and meditation.

Levels that Transpersonal Hypnotherapy addresses:

  1. the pre-egoic level – from our birth till age 2
  2. the egoic level – from age 2 on, with development of language skills
  3. trans-egoic level – it’s beyond ego level, when we commit to a spiritual path and “wake up” to our higher nature.

We all go under the process of “differentiating”, when we as children have to learn how to separate from our parents. The development of our ego is the basic to this process, and it is important that young person develops a “healthy ego”, which means good boundaries, solid sense of self, good self-esteem and similar.

The natural development from ego to trans-ego is a process of transcending. To transcend means to go beyond all mental activity, all thoughts, sensations and perceptions, to experience this silent state of pure awareness or pure consciousness. It is consciousness in its purest, simplest state—just consciousness by itself, aware of itself and nothing else.

In trans-ego level we integrate pure awareness with the mind and sense of individuality, along with the capacity for responsibility. As we deepen our sense of who we really are, and orient ourselves toward greater wisdom and compassion we develop skilful ability to help others.