Theta Healing

Theta healing2Theta Healing ™is a form of energetic distance healing through directed prayer to God, which uses theta brain waves (4-7hertz). These waves create a deep state of relaxation, in which we can operate below the level of the conscious mind. The theta brain waves can be understood as the subconscious, because they rule the part of our mind, which is nestled between the conscious and the unconscious. They contain our memories and feelings, and govern our attitudes, beliefs and behavior.

Through Theta Healing is possible to:

  • find dysfunctional beliefs and feelings that block us and slow and limit our personal growth and development,
  • aura cleanse from negative energies,
  • heal a broken heart after a failed love, friendship or other relationship,
  • heal consecvences of the shock, trauma, anxiety, and nightmares,
  • return energy of the body,
  • recover lost fragments of the soul,
  • heal fetal memories and birth trauma,
  • do DNA activation,
  • heal from addictions and bad habits,
  • change deep-rooted patterns of behavior,
  • do regulation of neurotransmitters serotonin, noradrenaline and dopamine,
  • increase motivation, inspiration and creativity,
  • increase selfrespect, selfconfidence and general wellbeing,
  • balance ego,
  • increase psychoimmune system,
  • attract soulmate and people who understand and support us,
  • and much more…

What are the benefits of Theta Healing?

Because Theta Healing is based on the unconditional Divine Love through directed prayer, its benefits are manifold in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

  • At the physical level many psychosomatic diseases disappear by removing the negative program by which we live. Because Theta Healing reachs the cause of the problem, healings tend to be successful.
  • At the emocionalnoj razini, uz pomoć Rada na osjećajima postajemo stabilniji, snažniji i osjećamo se integriranije.
  • On the emotional level we can create new positive feelings, and with removing memory of traumas from cells our feelings become more stable, stronger and feel more integrated.
  • A mental level becomes clearer and we develop ability for a clear resolution.

Through Theta Healing we can easier to accept responsibility for our own life and stop blaming others for our illness and the circumstances in which we find ourselves.

With regulation of serotonin, noradrenaline and dopamine, we improve our overall spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health, because regulation of neurochemical transmitters compounds and finding programs where dependence based instrumental healing from addiction, especially alcohol, cigarettes, overeating, and sex.

Does cigarette represents a substitute for love and attention? Do people drink because they were hurt or drink provides safety and comfort? Is food good companion for emotional protection? Is too much sex good way for escape from intimacy?

What are the belief systems?

Our brain works like a ”biological” super-computer – comes to information and answers. How we react to the experience depends on the information from our subconscious mind that day, and how it is received and interpreted. When the body, mind or soul accept belief as real, it becomes a program.

    • The basic level – this is the level of basic beliefs. Beliefs are stored as energy in the neurons in the anterior part of the brain. These are the beliefs that we have adopted and accepted from the moment of conception, until now. These beliefs berate every moment of our existence here and now, in this time and place, and at this level we have the gift of free will, which is achieved through the control of our own destiny. We can choose to be the creators of our experiences, instead of dolls which pulls the strings of fate.

    • Genetic level – contains the program inherited from our ancestors, or supplemental to, the genes in this life. This level is at the center of the brain, in the pineal gland as the energy within the morphogenetic field around the main station, about the physical DNA. This field of knowledge tells DNA what to do.

    • Historical level – dealing with memories of past lives and genetic deep feelings and experiences of group consciousness that we brought into the present. These memories are stored in the field aura above the head and shoulders of the person. At this level there are openings in the group consciousness and astral level.

      Fragments of soul that we left behind, lost or taken from other people, kept at this level.

      Vianna Stibal says: – “There are three special molecules that we carry with us from life to life. When the spirit enters the body, the three molecules are placed in three different parts of the physical body. One molecule is located in the pineal gland in the brain, the other is in the heart, and the third is located at the base of the spine. When the Kundalini starts to wake up and then activate the three molecules, and with them gone memories. It is said that memories are transferred into the subconscious mind and genetic or morphogenetic field, but there are some memories that are hard to determine exactly where it originated. They are called memories from a past life. This step is historic, because it can be deep genetic memories, memories of the people we see, the people with whom we were in direct contact, or do memories of other times and places”

    • The Soul level – Programs that exist at the level of the soul are very deep and powerful, and withdraw them from the integrity of the person, from the area of the heart outward. The human soul is magnificent. It is part of the Creator (God). It does not represent our personality, it is not our ego, emotions, feelings, thoughts. The soul is impersonal, yet understands our personal feelings, thoughts and insights. Although the soul is perfect in itself, it can evolve. However, it’s evolution does not consist in the change itself, because it is eternal and unchanging. It’s evolution lies in the fact that every personality in which soul is becomes fully aware of the soul.

How looks Theta Healing session with Conny?

theta healing1It lasts 60 minutes. Consists of a conversation, during which Conny helps the client to express feelings, to become aware of his/her beliefs and patterns of thinking, and of intuitive observations. This is followed by energy treatment done in silence with closed eyes, whereby Conny heals and helps in transforming client’s systems dysfunctional beliefs and emotions, the subconscious energy blockages and possible causes.

The treatment is done in person or via Skype.

Applications should be made through e-mail and should consist:

      • Name,
      • Date of birth, time of birth, place of birth
      • Place of residence,
      • Contact cell phone and email address,
      • Short description of problem.

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