Somadance name was coined from two words: Soma (Sanskrit) = nectar of bliss, and dance. Soma is also another name for the Moon, a female planet, and it is all about tenderness, caring, healing, giving, universal love, compassion, creativity, intuition.

Somadance is magical, sensual, spontaneous, therapeutic-artistic, and spiritual dance for women of all ages, regardless of the constitution and dance experience.

This dance is designed for women who want to enjoy the dance and who want to find themselves in the movement. Dance is healing and creative, and stimulates the imagination.

Through dance we discover ourselves and nonverbally communicate with each other. It is much easier to express, feel and understand the deep and strong feelings on the non-verbal level. Through dance we teach to becomme more aware of non-verbal communication, and how faster and easier to connect with our inner world and other people.

Somadance is devided into several categories:

  • Dance therapy for mature women,
  • Dance for pregnant women,
  • Dance for abused women,
  • Dance for teen girls in age 14 till age 20,
  • Dance for little firls in age 5 till age 13.

Dance has developed and leads Conny Peto Đeneš.

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