Sexology is the scientific discipline that deals with the study of sexual interest, sexual problems, sexual relationships, sexual expression and sexual functions. It was formed as a separate branch of science after World War II.

Sexologist is an expert who has interdisciplinary knowledge (West and East) on sexuality, and aligns it with the psychological (and spiritual) aspects of sexuality. Her / his job is healing, education, and counseling of couples and individuals.

Sexology in the West

Modern sexology is based on the research of the German psychiatrist R. Krafft-Ebing (1854-1902), the teachings of Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) – the founder of psychoanalysis, and seksualna header 17Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957) who has paid special attention to the study of sexual energy.

Sexology as a scientific branch occurs after World War II. Leading research work done Alfred Kinsey, the American biologist, who made several thousand interviews and published reports Sexual Behavior in the Human Male (1948) and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female (1954). Kinsey concluded that sexual problems in most people are not organic cause (as physiologists have claimed), nor a result of psychological problems (as psychoanalysts have claimed), but that the main cause is lack of education about sex. He believed that people should be helped by proper education and so disillusionize, free from unnecessary inhibitions and learned concepts, and to realize their true desires and become open to freely express their sexual desires, and so become capable to overcome sexual problems and become capable for pleasurable sex.

He was a frequent target of attacks of moralists, because he publicly and openly spoke about taboos, and because he emphasized that sexuality is a nice, normal, desirable, healthy, valuable and humane, and not “dirty and sinful” in contrast to Christian tradition, which treats sexuality as a sin, which is tolerated only in marriage as a means to extend the species only in the ‘missionary’ position

So sexology in the 1960 becomes the enlightenment movement which made the sexual revolution in the West.

Sexology in the East – Tantra

seksologijaOsho Rajneesh (1931-1990) is the most responsible for the spread of knowledge about Tantra in the West. He brought the eastern greatly knowledge to people from the West

From his earliest childhood he was rebellious and independent spirit, insisting on the personal experience of the truth more than a blind acceptance of received knowledge and beliefs of others. He was a leading global tantrik and mystic, with hundreds of thousands of followers. In 1981 his American followers bought a large estate in the desert of central Oregon. Around it creates a model agricultural community that was evolving at an incredible speed, showing impressive results converting the desert into a green oasis, able to feed 3000 people. The summer festivals was attended by up to 20 000 people from all over the world who have lived and fed in Rajneeshpuramu. His teachings have left a trace and the importance that are highly prized today.

Tantra is the Eastern art of lovemaking that contains practical knowledge for the ultimate erotic pleasure, which is used to attain spiritual experiences through the sex experience.

Tantra is contains very old teachings and is different from all traditional Indian teachings. She turned the ‘forbidden fruit’ in the spiritual path, and the sexual act is used for personal and spiritual development. Sexual Ecstasy is the most direct way to contact with the God – the source of life.

Exquisite pleasure leads us to bliss, and bliss is our essence (Sat Chit Ananda).

Regular practice of tantric sex refines inner being, creates a deeper emotional connection between partners, a state of bliss, boosts immunity, increases resistance to stress, relieves trauma, increases energy, inspires and motivates the individual.

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