“What is above is below. What is to come is in the past.”
~ Tao de Ching


Our belief systems about past lives are different; we can imagine past lives in different ways:

  1. They are real.
  2. They are metaphorical.
  3. We are accessing the collective unconscious.
  4. There is no such thing as time.

When there is intense emotion around an experience we are more able to remember it. Therefore, with hypnosis, we may be able to remember a traumatic event from childhood or before (birth trauma, fetal experiences or past lives).

Regression or past life regression is a way of Hypnotherapy for dealing with phobias, chronic pains and complexes.

Approaches in working with past lives issues

  1. Past life trauma – something negative was done to you.
  2. Overt (negative) acts – you did something negative to another.
  3. Contracts – you made an unreasonable commitment to another which no longer serves you, and yet you are still obsessed with him/her after doing much personal work.