Natural Medicine Therapies

Combine of: Holistic Psychology with Natural and Vibrational Medicine methods like Homeopathy, Bach Flower therapy and Aromatherapy

Natural therapy does not use psychiatric diagnosis and psychiatric drugging. Psycho-emotional healing is a holistic approach, which uses knowledge of the natural and energy-vibrational medicine, which heals energy blockages accumulated on the physical, mental and emotional level.

Homeopathic remedies affecting straight to the origin of energy trauma, Bach flower drops flooding our being subtle vibrations, while aromatic-essential oils act directly on the limbic system in which are stored all our memories.

Holistic Therapy is based on Holistic Psychology approach and Natural Medicine that addresses the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional person as a whole. As a form of healing, Holistic Psychotherapy strives to address the symptoms of psychological and emotional distress that result from anxiety, depression, and other emotional issues. However, this method of therapy diverges from traditional psychotherapy in the method used to combat and correct these issues. This form of therapy concentrates its attention on the relationship people have with their world and how it is expressed through their sense of feeling, thinking, and being.

The goal of emotional healing is the release of emotional blockages, reaching a state of emotional freedom, establishment / improvement of emotionally healthy relationships, reaching a state of emotional satisfaction and bliss.

Holistic psychotherapy utilizes traditional talk psychotherapy and non-traditional therapies of holistic healing with the purpose of creating an integration of the mind, body and spirit. The idea combines a broad range of different holistic approaches to help the client reach the deepest level of healing possible. It deals with physical illness and disease, emotional issues, family and life stages issues, work-related issues, sexual abuse, trauma, addiction (substances, food and unwanted behaviors), and stress and anxiety. It does not take the place of traditional medicine, but does work as a supplement with it to help the healing process. Holistic psychotherapy primarily looks at specific areas of the body from an emotional, spiritual and energetic perspective and is designed to help heal the origin of the disease.

Great homeopath, Dr. George Vitulkas, winner of the alternative Nobel Prize in 1996 for health, says: “”Emotional Holistic therapist helps the client to know the various aspects of his/her life that tend to reinforce the natural processes, as well as those who seek to oppose them . So he/she teaches the client to accept the primary responsibility for their own recovery and restoration of their health.”

Who needs emotional healing?

  • All who want the relieve of emotional blockages;
  • All those who want to achieve emotional freedom;
  • All those who want to reach a state of emotional satisfaction and bliss;
  • All those who want to achieve emotional stability;
  • Anyone who wants to heal his/her emotional wounds;
  • All those who want to establish emotionally healthy social relationships;
  • All those who want to establish emotionally healthy family relationships;
  • All those who want to establish emotionally healthy loving relationships;
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to receive and give love;
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to feel loved, wanted and accepted.

How looks the treatment of emotional healing with Conny?

The treatment takes 60 minutes. 15-minute person completes the questionnaire (only the first time), 45 minutes, takes the conversation. Therapist listen client and helps him / her to express his/her emotions and become aware of his/her emotional problems. In the end, the therapist analyzes the conversation and questionnaire, and determines the appropriate treatment and prepares cure remedy.

Applications should be made through e-mail, and should consist:

  • Name,
  • Date of birth, time of birth, place of birth
  • Place of residence,
  • Contact cell phone and email address,
  • Short description of problem.

The popularity of natural methods in the West

Did you know that in the West, Homeopathy is legally recognized and is part of the public health insurance?

Did you know that around the world, especially in Germany and Austria, many of classical medicine doctors, psychotherapists and psychiatrists, dentists and veterinarians use Homeopathy and Bach Flower therapy in their practice?

Did you know that Aromatherapy is recognized as part of conventional medicine?

In many Western countries (Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, UK, USA, Canada, Australia …) homeopathy is legally recognized and generally accepted as a safe alternative to conventional treatment. In these countries, some homeopathic remedies are available in the health insurance..

Danas, primjerice, radi pet homeopatski bolnica zdravstvenog osiguranja u Engleskoj i to u Londonu, Glasgowu, Liverpoolu, Bristolu i Tunbridge Wellsu, te postoje mnogobrojne privatne ambulante i klinike diljem svijeta.

Today, for example, exist five homeopathic hospitals with cover of health insurance in England in London, Glasgow, Liverpool, Bristol and Tunbridge Wells, and there are many private clinics throughout the world.

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