Health Center Harmony is Center for psychosomatic health, transpersonal psychology, personal growth and development, natural and quantum medicine, and artistic expression! All our activities and services are interconnected and integrated into one single unit. The main goal of all our activities is to improve the quality of life of our customers and clients. Our programs are designed with the intention of teaching individuals about raising and spreading awareness, about conscious and active creation of their health, happiness and quality of life in its entirety, and in raising awareness for taking responsibility for their own lives.

Seat of the Center:

Croatia – Istria
Poreč, 52440
Partizanska 4 / 1
(Business pink building in center of Poreč, 1st floor, across the city parking)

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OIB / VAT: 73413682747

The professional stuff of the Center:

Conny Petö Đeneš, BA transpersonal psychologist and therapist, head and founder of the Health Center Harmony, coordinator of branch Atlas Therapy in Istria – Croatia, and coordinator of Holistic Cures project.

Vaidya Dr. Adwait Tripathi, ayurvedic doctor – professional foreign collaborator

Dr. med. Čila Kiralj, medicine doctor – professional counselor for health

We are working under licenses of HUPED.