Bioresonance Therapy

Quantum medicine – medicine of 21st Century!

BRT (Bioresonance Therapy) is a natural therapy that uses one’s own electromagnetic vibrations in the range of 10 to 500.000Hz. Vibrations are taken from the surface of human skin from the immediate vicinity of the body (morphogenetic fields), there go under appropriate process and again returning to man.

biorezonanca 1Man and machine during therapy are closed energy circuit, which provides an opportunity to apply their own body life energy “overcome” the disease.

If necessary during BRT are made Bioresonance remedies in the form of drops and globules – or homeopathic remedies done to the body and personal energy of a man who is in therapy, that one takes after and between BRT therapy.

Bioresonance therapy (BRT) is the correction of body’s functions under influence of electromagnetic oscillations of strictly determined parameters, similarly to camerton replying to certain frequency spectrum of acoustic wave.

Methodical recommendations of the Ministry of Health Care of the Russian Federation

?2000/47 “Bioresonance therapy” are the official base for clinical application of this method.

Efficacy of BRT

biorezonanca 2Bioresonance therapy has proved very effective in strengthening the immune system, hormonal and metabolic imbalances, tumors and malignancies, heart disease (cardiovascular disease), asthma, bronchitis, autoimmune diseases, food intolerance, headache and insomnia, in the treatment of pre and post operative conditions.

This therapy is effective, painless, harmless and applies to babies, children, mature people and the elderly. This type of therapy is developt by the Russians in Moscow IMEDIS center:

How looks Bioresonance with Conny?

BRT treatment lasts 30 minutes. Performed exclusively personal. 10 minutes is talk about this particular already diagnosed health problem, and review any medical reports. Thereafter Conny ‘connected’ person on machine for 20 minutes. The therapy is completely painless. During therapy, the person relaxes and possibly (if desired) listens light healing music.

Applications should be made through e-mail , and should consist:

  • Name,
  • Date of birth, time of birth, place of birth,
  • Place of residence,
  • Contact cell phone and email address,
  • Short description of problem.

Does the biorezonantnoj therapy using magnets, electricity and the like?

No. IMEDIS Bioresonance therapy works exclusively with one’s personal vibration, without the use of electricity, magnets and the like.


Center of intellectual medical systems IMEDIS – is the collective, consisting of employees of Moscow Power Engineering Institute and physicians of different specialties. Center IMEDIS has bior4more then 15 years experience in development of devices, software and medical methods in the field of energy-information medicine, uniting abilities of modern computer technique and latest scientific researches of the end of XX century.

Energy-information medicine is based on conception of integrity of human organism, e.g. necessity to consider interconnections between its organs and systems. Processes of energy- information interchange are the base in functioning of the organism. Organism is considered as complex selforganizing structure, having everything necessary for keeping its homeostathis. Essence of energy-information medicine is in activation of natural mechanisms, directed onto restoring and maintenance of healthy condition.

Basic principles of bioresonance therapy and its effect

In the human body and its immediate area are electromagnetic waves of certain frequencies zdravlje tijela header Bioresonancethat the body emits. Cells and organs in the human body communicate with each other through these waves.

Quantum physics has taught us that the material behaves as a particle (matter) and a wave (vibration). While classical, allopathic medicine works with a material aspect of the body, energy-vibrational medicine (bioresonance therapy, homeopathy, Bach flower therapy) works with the wave aspect. If you change the wave (frequency) body also changes.

MEDIS BRT machine recognizes and collects pathological (diseased) frequency, rework them (inverted) and sends back new enhanced sound frequencies and thus activates the self-renewing force in the body.

bior1In simple words we could say that the machine reprogram unhealthy frequencies in healthy one and simultaneously emits specific vibrations that help the body to more easily overcome the disease and thus restore health and strengthen the immune system if the disease has not yet occurred.

It can be said that during bioresonance therapy, energy channels-meridians, are treated. Point blocked by disease can heal and come back again as the natural flow of energy and restore balance.

The difference between the acupuncture and the BRT is that the acupuncture therapist works with certain points on a given meridian, while in bioresonance therapy therapist deals with the whole meridian with all points. Also can only work with selected meridians, and can work simultaneously with all 20, and it seems an advantage.

imedis-brt-aThe idea of BRT, using weak electromagnetic oscillations, inherent to the patient, was initially stated and scientifically prooved by F.Morell (1977). In normal physiological conditions of the organism relative synchronization of different oscillatory (wave) processes, but when pathological condition arises disturbances of oscillatory processes are observed. This could be expressed in disturbance of rhythms of basic physiological processes, for example, due to predominance of excitation or braking mechanisms of the centran nervous system and change core-subcore interactions.

BRT is the therapy with electromagnetic oscillations, structures of the organisn come into bior3resonance with them. The influence is possible on cellular level as well as at the level of organ, system of organs and whole body. The main idea of applying resonance in medicine is that by correct selection of frequency and form of medicinal (electromagnetic) influence it’s possible to amplify normal (physiological) and attenuate pathological oscillation of the human body. So, bioresonance influence could be directed both for neutralization of pathological and restoration of physiological oscillations disturbed during pathological oscillations.

Most preference should be given to variations of BRT based on selection of frequency mode and form of curative signal with feedback from the patient or those where form of curative signal, for example, correspond to bioelectric activity of different structures in normal (physiological) condition of the organism.

Currently we should distinguish two main types of therapy:

  • endogenous BRT is therapy with patient’s own electromagnetic oscillations with their special processing;
  • exogenous BRT is therapy with external signals come in resonance with patient’s certain organs and systems, for example, using magnetic fields generated by special generators.